Give your crew and field work force the living luxury they deserve. And for Living, look no further than Fabricon’s world class Porta Cabins, these are dedicated, purpose designed cabins, not converted from junkyard rusted, old and cramped marine containers.

Photo of 10’ x 40’ Skid mounted luxury portacabin with three
rooms and three attached baths complete with plumbing,
sanitary fittings and other luxurious appointments.

Easily transported on
40’ trailer


Interior of the room is finished in teak finished
panels with insulated walls for hot and cold areas, attractive false ceiling, vinyl carpeting on wooden flooring, sliding windows with tinted glass and shades, a single bed with table etc.


Attached bathroom with proper tiled walls and
flooring complete with western comfort commode
and showers complement the interior appointments
of for this cabin.


Large Portacabins

Portahome is a division of Fabricon (Pvt.) Ltd