Roll Forming Machine

Victorian style houses in Light Gauge steel construction

Light Gauge Steel Construction introduced in Pakistan for the first time by Fabricon Pvt. Ltd after being accepted as a most versatile form of construction in the developed world of Europe & America, Light Gauge Technology now makes its way in Pakistan

Some of the Distinct features of Light gauge are

Earth Quake Proof

Totally fireproof

Has the Highest strength to weight ratio among all the construction materials

Quick errection & construction time with a typical house of 1500 sq. ft being constructed in 20 to 30 days

Manufactured on Computer controlled roll formers giving precise dimensional tolerances

Light weight there fore does not require heavy concrete foundation

Internally cladded with gypsum board

Fully insulated wall panels with rock wool suitable for extreme weather conditions

Can withstand high wind loads upto 120 km/hour

Weather proof against rains, storm & snow loading

House Specifications


Prefab Light Gauge Steel Structure Buildings

LGS prefab home having rolled formed galvanized steel frame members for earth quake proof insulated construction and for comfy living.

Internationally proven Light Gauge Steel
Structure (LGS) Technology now being offered by Fabricon with full back-up support of highly trained engineers, CNC production machines & CAD Design & CAM Software.

       Walls erection             Upper storey             External cladding

          Progressive Views of building erection.


  • Fast track building erection possible due to prefab roll formed frames for walls
    and roof.
  • Highest strength to weight ratio among steel buildings thereby giving maximum
    strength to weight ratios not possible in other constructions.
  • Local raw material usage thereby giving substantial cost savings and economy
    benefits to the buyers directly.
  • Upto 60 plus years building structure life largely due to galvanized roll formed
    studs and tracks.
  • Modular construction—addition or layout change is simple and easy.
  • Preplanned building structure using roll formed CNC/CAD technology for pre or
    post fabrication either in factory or at difficult to reach remote sites.
  • High class building finish which is at par with the best in concrete construction.
  • Choice of interior claddings including gypsum board and cement fiber boards.
  • Earthquake and fire proof construction.
  • Multiple storey buildings possible in LGS technology.
  • Low ownership costs, long term savings and economy.


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