Are you planning for a Dispensary or Basic Health Unit for your area? Do you find it difficult
to construct in conventional construction of concrete and block masonry? The area you
have in mind is also an earth quake prone area or had been hit by a massive Earth Quake
in the past? We have the answer to all these questions! 

Go for PortaHome pre-fab construction by Fabricon. We have ready made solutions for
Pre-Fab BHUís, Dispensaries, Clinic or other medical facilities to be sited in difficult to
reach or limited access areas. And thatís not all, PortaHome buildings are designed with
seismic factor in mind, meaning they are earth quake resistant buildings thanks to the 
use of reinforced wall panel construction and our own patented multi-purlin very strong but 
light-weight roof support system combined with sturdy all steel base. 

All building components including wall panels, roofing, steel base, doors, windows etc. can
easily be transported on medium duty trucks or can even be air-lifted if there is a need, to
remote locations. And you get a medical facility that rivals the best in terms of comfort, 
value, finish and practicality. 

Contact us for further details and discuss with us your special requirements and we revert 
back to you with a solution custom made to your exact requirements Ė nothing less than
your requirements. 
 A front side view of a dispensary in portahome pre-fab 
 construction. This dispensary contains a doctors' room,
 a dispensing section, a surgical theater, veranda and 
 attached bathrooms etc. 

Another view of typical dispensary in pre-fab construction
complete with all the amenities required for a small BHU's
in remote location. 

Fabricon offers complete Medical buildings of size 
22' x 38' in Pre-Fabricated Construction with high 
class finish complete with integral base frame with
wooden flooring, highly insulated walls and roof
including false ceiling and contemporary veranda.
The basic plan is a three room configuration
consisting of consultancy room with attached
bathroom, dispensary room with dispenser
window and separate medicine storage room.

 Medical Consultancy and Dispensary 
 building undergoing final finishing
 touches to be ready for occupancy at
 a remote gas field in Sindh


Base Frame Assembly
Walls erection
Roof Assembly/ Erection
Side trims installation
Interior false ceiling
view from right side
Front side view in semi-finished form

Portahome is a division of Fabricon (Pvt.) Ltd