Pre-Fab construction schools ideal for quake prone and snow bound areas. Can be
transported or sited in areas where there are
no roads!

View of large well-lit class rooms of Aliabad Junior school, Kalaban, NWFP, Sponsored by Shell.


School Size
38Ft x73Ft.x8Ft. High (11.6Mx22.2Mx2.4M)

200 Nos. (Girls & Boys sections)

Class Rooms
5 Nos. rooms each of size 5.87M x7.317M.

Interior—Decorative Laminated MDF in teak finish. Exterior—Ribbed pre-painted Galvanized steel sheet
0.6mm thick.

50mm thick Styrofoam insulation.

Double sloped with attractive border all around.

Heavy duty steel skid floor and 17mm thick Marine Plywood covered with vinyl flooring.

10 Nos. Aluminum sliding windows with green Tinted 5mm thick glass.

Double leaf Pressed plywood doors of 650mm x 2100m


Double sloped roof with border

Heavy Duty Steel Skid Base Frame

Lobby along the length of Building

Large reception/assembly area



No where there is more need for a Pre-fab building than in educational sector. Be it a
class room or a complete school building in pre-fab construction and that too in Earth
quake proof construction to cater to the special requirements of physical and mental
developments of our future generations specially in Quake Hit areas of Northern
Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. 

We offer custom designed pre-fab buildings for toddlers to grown-up generation as per 
your available area and budget, we can transport the building to the site, we will erect
it for you, we will electrify it, we will make it ready for use in a minimum possible time 
and what else you need? You just need to bring your pupil and books to the classes!
Its as simple as abc.. 

Here our Pre-fab buildings hold their own forte. From short time to finish building to less
strain on environment to costing just about the same as conventional construction and
not to mention the comforts and lasting value of our Pre-fab Portahome buildings.
And when you invest in Pre-fab School building by Fabricon, you can have an added
assurance and peace of mind that you are backed by a product having a solid experience 
of well over thirty years of expertise in Industrial fabrication and structural steel fabrication.
These buildings offer a comforting and safe environment to the future of Pakistan and if 
God-forbid 8/10 type of earth quake struck again, you can be sure that these building will
stand the test of the times and will not just collapse by the grace of allah due to the use
of steels and Pre-fab construction combined with sturdy steel base and light weight roofing
system most these system are unique to our product and can easily outdo the comparative
products available from local as well as imported market. 

Imagine the Scenario and if you had been in one you could easily see the immense value 
of PortahomeTM pre-fab constructed school both in terms of monetary savings and savings
of human life! 

A complete lecture hall of 15' x 30' size in Portable construction for ICMA for the extension 
of their Islamabad Campus

Portahome is a division of Fabricon (Pvt.) Ltd