Camps on Oil & Gas fields typically are on a very large area and usually located in remote 
& harsh re-gion and must house both the labor trades and the engineering and administrative
staff right near the drilling site. Fabricon knows how to lay out camps or colonies of any 
size, to create a "home away from home" environment complete with comfortable, 
aesthetically pleasing and yet contemporary buildings with their own bathrooms/toilets 
arrangement all on turn-key basis installation. Apart from housing the staff there is a need to 
look after them emotionally and for this we offer recreational ‘barracks’ type buildings along 
with medical bu idleness or dispensaries to pamper and look after this large posse at site, 
most of these personnel are typically away  from their homes  for months. Portahome 
personnel from Fabricon can safely and professionally commission these Prefab camp 
buildings at job site. We take care of everything from an idea in a customers mind to a fully
functional finish building. 

Administrative building block in pre-fab 
construction in contemporary style adjacent 
to existing concrete building block. 
Masjid in Pre-fab construction complete
with moazzin’s place.Inset photo: Interior view.
A modern dispensary in pre-fab construction
complete with O.T. & O.P.D. Inset photos:
Interior views OPD.
A view of pre-fab recreation hall barrack
for workers.Inset photo: Interior view. 

Portahome is a division of Fabricon (Pvt.) Ltd